How Does the Tennis Ball Stay Up?

After playing tennis with my partner’s 10-year-old son a few weeks ago, he asked his dad before going to bed “How does the tennis ball stay up Helen’s dress without falling down?” I had been wearing my Oysho black and white tennis dress (see photo here), and he just saw me magically extracting the ball from under my skirt before each serve and couldn’t understand the trick. Well, of course, they come with a pair of black Lycra shorts that have a holder for the tennis ball. All of the tennis skirts I have so far purchased (from Oysho, Lucky in Love, Australian, and Decathlon) have in-built Lycra shorts and even though they don’t all have holders for the ball, it is easy to tuck the ball under the shorts and, given the tightness of Lycra, it doesn’t fall down. However, two beautiful dresses that I have recently acquired (one from Sweaty Betty bought in the sales during a recent shopping trip to London, and the other from Ellesse that I won in an Instagram competition – see photos below) do not come with white shorts and so, in addition to problems of VPL*, there is nowhere to keep the ball.

When I asked in Sweaty Betty and later in LuluLemon if they sold short white Lycra shorts, they were not able to fulfil my request (though I should say that Sweaty Betty did have some tropical print shorts that match the pattern on the dress, but my size was out of stock). Actually, I can understand that in activewear shops that cater mainly for runners, yoga and workout enthusiasts, there is not a great demand for white Lycra shorts. I certainly would not wear them if I did not have a skirt or dress to cover them! Tail Activewear have told me that they will release a shorty with ball pockets in both black and white in November, and I will certainly check those out when they come online, but I am not sure I can wait until then to wear my tennis dresses (and I fear that they do not deliver to Italy).

I have not found it that easy to find a white shorty (with or without ball pocket) online and so I really hope tenniswear brands that sell white tennis dresses will listen to my plea to always include white shorts, or sell them separately like Tail Activewear, as I really can’t do magic and most definitely need somewhere to keep the ball!

If you can point me in the direction of online stores that sell white Lycra shorties (that ship to Europe), please do let me know in the comments below.

* In case you didn’t know, VPL stands for Visible Panty Line.

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