You Can Never Have Too Many (Tennis) Bags

tennis bag

I like to have lots of bags. Correction. I need to have lots of bags. I need different sized bags: some big enough to carry my laptop to meetings, some small enough for just my phone, keys and cash on a night out. I need different coloured bags: to match my outfits, as well as the changing seasons. I can never have enough bags. And since I have taken up tennis I have realised that I also need tennis bags: different sized tennis bags, different coloured tennis bags…

Right now I actually only have one tennis bag (from Idawen), which is shown in the photo above and is frequently seen in my Instagram posts – it matches very well the monochrome tennis look that I am rocking at the moment, but I know that I will soon need some more bags, and so I have started to put together a wishlist on Pinterest:

Based on my Pinterest board, I have curated a selection of the tennis bags that would meet my needs on 5 different occasions (and I haven’t even started thinking about the colours yet…).

1. To take to a meeting

See this Instagram photo by @epirus_london • 70 likes:

This is the 24 hour bag by Epirus London, a smart designer bag that could take me straight from office meetings to the tennis court. Epirus London are currently launching themselves through Kickstarter (where you can pre-order this bag and 2 others at a discounted price!) and from the success they have had so far it looks like we will soon be seeing lots of these tennis bags in the office. (You can also win one via an Instagram competition which I have entered – fingers crossed!)

2. For when I need to keep my hands freeCANVAS TENNIS SLING BACKPACK: When spring arrives I could (hypothetically) cycle to my tennis lessons, and in that case I would need a backpack. Of course I wouldn’t go for any old traditional sports backpack, and instead it would have to be this stylish navy blue and white Tory Sport canvas sling backpack.

3. For when I play in a tournament (well, it might happen!)

Kort Malibu Traditional Tennis Racquet Bag:

Most of the bags on my wishlist take just one or two rackets, and so for tournaments I would go for the Kort Malibu Traditional tennis bag (with matching accessory bags) which takes up to three rackets. It is unfortunately currently out-of-stock, but then again I don’t think I’ll be needing it for some time…

4. For a post-tennis dinner date

The Houndstooth Brisbane has enough room for 2 raquets to fit comfortably inside.: Let’s consider that I am rushed for time after an evening tennis lesson/game and so I can’t pass by home before a dinner date – I’d happily take a bag like the compact and classy Cortiglia Houndstooth Brisbane into any restaurant (and the upright design should help stop me from knocking someone’s eye out with the tennis racket as I make my way to the table…)

5. To take on holiday

Idawen_hawaii.jpgFor a beach holiday it couldn’t be anything but this Idawen Hawaiian tropical print tennis bag which just makes me think sun, sand, surf and……beach tennis, anyone?

I’d love to see pictures of your favourite tennis bags, you could share them through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and post the weblink in the comments below, or send them to me via email.


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