Cool Cover-Ups To Protect Your Skin When Playing Tennis

I recently reached out to Women’s Tennis Blog, one of the most established and successful tennis blogs on the web that focuses exclusively on women’s tennis. The Editor, Marija Zivlak, very kindly suggested I write a guest blog post for them and I immediately jumped at the chance. I decided to write about something that is of particular concern and importance to me: the need to protect ourselves from sun overexposure when playing tennis, and so I compiled a list of 5 easy sun protection tips for tennis players. So please do head over to Women’s Tennis Blog and let me know what you think of my post.

Now, the one tip that I know I should really implement next summer, but that I have most difficulty with, is the need to cover up my skin with long-sleeved tops and leggings. As I have discussed on this blog before, I am now obsessed with wearing tennis skirts and dresses and I also suffer the heat a lot during the height of the Italian summer (and so I have swapped leggings for shorts when running). In order to be able to continue to wear my cute skirts and dresses, I will have to try and play as much as possible in the early morning and late evening next summer, but on those occasions when I will need to play in the middle of the day I know I really should try and cover my skin for maximum protection.

In order to get used to playing in this ‘covered-up’ wardrobe, I could probably even begin practising now as they have started to turn the heating on in my local indoor tennis courts, and sometimes it almost feels as hot as summer!

I have thus started researching which brands offer stylish, high-performance, sun-protective tennis clothing (i.e. cool cover-ups!), and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you.

I love the way the UPF 50 long-sleeved sheer top from Yaffa Activewear (shown below) has been styled with a side knot in the photo at the top of this blog post. It comes in a range of colours and whilst white is probably the best colour choice, to help reflect the sun’s rays, the hot pink should also keep me cool and looking, well, hot!

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Sticking with the white and hot pink combination, I have found this UPF 40+ long-sleeved top from Tail Activewear, but I think I like even more the UPF 40+ cropped long-sleeved top which I could imagine slipping on top of one of my tank tops:

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Chrissie By Tail (the collaboration between Tail Activewear and Chris Evert, my favourite tennis player turned fashion designer) also have a cute white UPF 30 long-sleeved top with a mesh hem:


When it comes to leggings, Yaffa Activewear have these great UPF 50 leggings with a holder for the tennis ball, though I do wonder if I would feel too hot wearing black/grey:


Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily feel that comfortable in white leggings (they are likely to be too transparent, cause problems of VPL, show my cellulite, and white is obviously not known for its slimming characteristics), what I would really like to see next summer from the top tennis brands would be more sun-protective (predominantly) white skapris and skeggings  so I can feel comfortable, keep cool, look cute in a skirt, and cover my skin from the sun, all at the same time. These white skapris from Fila would be perfect, though I’m not sure what level of UPF they offer.


If you can recommend any sun-protective tennis apparel that doesn’t make you feel too hot in the summer, then please do share it with me in the comments below.

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    1. Thanks Corinne.
      I’m really pleased, both because you play a lot of tennis and because you found this post useful!
      Keep swinging and protecting your skin!
      H E L E N

  1. Another helpful post, Helen! Thanks for mentioning my blog! You can also consider Fila, they have a variety of clothes that offer good sun protection, including long-sleeve tops.

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