My Dry January Progress | Week 2

So it turns out I used to spend a lot more time thinking about drinking less alcohol than I do now about drinking more – who’d have thought?! Hence this was a surprisingly easy week in terms of my Dry January. Being at home every evening without chilled white wine in the fridge certainly helped, and the only fairly challenging day was Tuesday when I flew to Rome for a meeting. Usually I would enjoy a glass of Prosecco or Aperol Spritz in the lounge on the way home, but I managed to resist the urge and got myself a Crodino instead (not sure if this is only available in Italy but if not, I recommend it to anyone looking for a bitter non-alcoholic aperitif).

I suppose the ease with which I have been avoiding alcohol is the reason I decided to further test myself with my diet this week. Yes, I spent this week trying to eat ‘clean’ (though I really don’t like that expression as I wouldn’t say my diet was ‘dirty’ before – I would prefer to call it ‘wholesome’). So my wholesome diet focused on eating home-cooked food and home-made snacks – you can see the type of things I was eating here. This also wasn’t so difficult and I faced it in the same way as giving up alcohol – I had made the decision to make a change and I somehow clicked a switch in my mind to change my behaviour.

After eating more proteins, less sugar and refined carbs, only home-made snacks, and drinking lots of water and no alcohol this week, I ended up losing 1.5 kilos in weight and an inch around my waist. I am sure this was mainly water weight, as I tend to store a lot of water when I eat carbohydrates (and probably also when I drink alcohol), but it has made me feel so much better. I no longer finish the day looking 5 months pregnant so my body must like something about this diet!

However, whilst I will keep up the alcohol ban for the rest of the month, I think I will start to modify what I am eating as I didn’t feel I had enough energy during my tennis and HIIT sessions this week. I need to experiment to understand what I can eat to give myself enough energy, but that won’t leave me too bloated. I also don’t want to get too obsessive about what I’m eating as I did when using MyFitnessPal and I want this exploration to be more about what I can do with my body rather than what it looks like.

Ultimately I want to turn that on/off switch in my mind into a dimmer switch, where I can still allow myself the odd glass of wine, pizza or ice-cream when I feel like it, whilst still paying attention to the wholesomeness of what I eat and drink the majority of the time. It’s all about getting that balance right in my body, much like the Tree Pose (Vrksasana) I have been practising this week during my daily yoga with Adriene. So that’s my challenge for the next week – begin to find the right balance in my diet so that at the end of the month I can enjoy a glass of wine without drinking the whole bottle! Come back next week to find out how I get on.

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