From Shorts to Tennis Skirts

From Shorts to Tennis Skirts

When I first started playing tennis, I promised myself that I would only wear a proper tennis outfit once I was good enough to play matches and win. Ruka (my partner in life and tennis) will confirm that I was strictly a leggings and shorts girl, and I swore not to wear a tennis skirt until I had “earned the right” to wear one.

But then I tried on my first tennis skirt (thanks to Lucky in Love) and I was sold. I realised my thighs (which are not the slimmest!) looked much better in a skirt than in shorts. And I thought, why not look great even whilst I am learning and training? Who knows, I thought, it might even encourage me to play like a professional if I look the part? Ok, that was wishful thinking.

Anyhow, I recently discovered that the Spanish clothing retailer Oysho has some great fitness apparel, and some particularly cute monochrome tennis outfits that you can see in the photos above. They all come with practical lycra shorts and a handy inner pocket to hold a tennis ball. What more could a fashion-loving tennis player (wannabe) need?

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