5 Unique Tennis Brands I Discovered on Instagram

5 Unique Tennis Brands I Discovered on Instagram

The US Open 2016 has further confirmed that tennis is “having a fashion moment“. If you didn’t catch much of the tennis this summer, then take a look at Tennis Identity‘s blog post about the best of women’s tennis fashion at this year’s US Open. Despite the many great tennis outfits on show, in my opinion we saw way too many tennis players wearing Nike’s neon yellow offerings, and it must be pretty distracting to turn up to your match to find your opponent wearing exactly the same outfit (right down to the visor and sweat bands). In fact, once I had convinced myself that I could dress like a professional when playing tennis (see this blog post), I knew that at the same time I didn’t want to look exactly like the professionals. I wanted to wear tennis outfits that were unique, feminine and fashionable. And this is exactly what I found whilst browsing Instagram. Here are my top 5 unique tennis brands, all discovered on Instagram, that offer the best designs in female tennis attire.

1. shopluckyinlove

What is there not to love about Lucky in Love‘s fringes, ruffles, tiers, layers, pleats and rouches, all of which are fashioned using distinctive materials such as denim, leather and lace?! I have experienced first hand the “swishyness” of their ruffled skirts and the flattering shape of their racerback tanks and I could not find anything to fault.

Why are they unique? Because their skirts beautifully translate the movements you make on the court.

2. ivincia

What struck me when I first came across Ivincia London was their elegance and attention to detail: the narrow cross-over straps on their dresses, the hand-drawn print of wild roses and tulips, the distinctive deep V straps at the back. This is where high fashion meets activewear.

Why are they unique? Because these outfits can be elegantly worn both on and off the tennis court.

3. luvluvtennis

Two words that come to mind when browsing luvluv‘s tennis skorts: bohemian and aztec. The focus here is on bright retro patterns and prints that will help you stand out on the tennis court. They are fun and flirty, and look great with bold colour tank tops (of which you can never have too many!).

Why are they unique? Because they bring boho chic to the tennis court.

4. yaffaactivewear

Yaffa offers tennis outfits with class that are both “forgiving” (in their words) and flirty. Their loose cami tanks and jersey tops will allow you to feel comfortable both when playing and when you come off the court, whilst the drawstring skirts allow you to “cinch up” the sides to show more (or less) leg.  They also have some capri leggings with tennis ball pockets for those colder days / when the mosquitoes are out / when you just don’t feel like wearing a skirt.

Why are they unique? Because they design outfits that make you feel comfortable and look great.

5. idawen_sports

Once you have kitted yourself out with a gorgeous tennis outfit from one of the above brands, you don’t want to turn up to your matches with an ugly backpack, right? And thanks to Idawen you don’t have to. They make feminine, fashionable, functional tennis and sports bags, all with vegan approved leather. And there is no guessing which is my personal favourite!

Why are they unique? Because they understand how important bags are to women, even tennis bags.


What are your favourite tennis brands, and why? Let me know through the comments below or on my Instagram post.



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