Tennis Kicks Picks For Men

Tennis Kicks Picks For Men

I believe men are as interested in tennis fashion as women, they just aren’t so likely to admit it (my partner being one of them!). The majority of my blog posts so far have been focused towards women like myself, who are interested in getting fit, playing tennis and looking good in the process. But I have quite a few male tennis players following me on Instagram and so I thought I would write a few fashion articles for them, whether they think they are interested or not! I have decided to start with a piece of tennis apparel that all male tennis players will undoubtedly agree they need: tennis shoes (or ‘kicks’ if we want to get stylish about it).

There is no disputing the importance of a good pair of tennis shoes that allow you to do fast footwork on the tennis court whilst avoiding injuries at the same time, but function and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As I have no personal experience with men’s tennis shoes, the following picks have been put together thanks to positive feedback on their performance from my partner and one of my followers on Instagram (catching_details). Thanks guys! I have just selected the colours that I think look the best.

1. NikeCourt Zoom Cage 2

2. Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Court

3. NikeCourt Lunar Ballistic 1.5 Legend

4. Ascis Gel Resolution 6

Have you ever tried out these shoes on the tennis court? If so, let us know how you thought they performed, or recommend another pair of tennis kicks (for men or women!), in the comments below.



  1. catching_details
    October 24, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    Hello Helen,
    i think you have chosen a good collection of shoes! i know a player for every of this shoes! First i have to say: They are all good! But even they are alle expensive! But it’s a lesson i have to learn that cheaper shoes are the wrong way..its better to take the investmant and buy shoes in that categorie! i played the Lunar Balistec 1.5! The shoe ist very good! The design is absolutly amazing but thats a individual thing! the comfort of the shoes and damping ist the best! Im a big fan of Rafael Nadal so that was a reason to buy the shoes! I play his Air Max Court ballistic 4.3 before and it was also a very good shoe maybe the best for me for this time! But they are no longer available so i have to try out the Lunars! Very important detail for me is, that the shoe is boosted on the right parts! But its also extremly light and breathable! The price is shocking! They are bloody expensive..but i wear cheaper shoes before! And its not the same! If i play matches around 3 or 4 hours! I don’t have to care about the shoes..cause the Lunars do there job perfectly! For me the style is very important! So i buy the shoes in combination with the outfit! Thats a reason why i can’t try out shoes as much as i want! The Asics gel resolution and the Addias barricade shoes are even great! Teammates of me are really happy about the shoes! For me its a question of what my heart says! And my heart is beating for Nadal! So i feel the best if i wear his outfit! And its a great thing for me that the shoes are feel so perfect on my feed! Cause i don’t take this for granted! Hope my english was not to bad! Im from Germany and i do my best 🙂 Greatings from Germany! I love your blog! keep on that!

    • October 24, 2016 / 7:51 pm

      Hi catching_details,

      thanks for all the feedback!

      You’re right that these are expensive shoes, but as you say, it is important to pay for quality when you are going to play in them a lot.

      It is great to hear you match the shoes with the outfit! I knew men were just as keen on looking good on the court as women!

      So you’re a big Nadal fan?! Have you read Nadal’s book? He really come across as a great person, such a friendly, family-focused guy.

      Your English is great! I learnt German at school but I have forgotten it all!

      Really pleased you like the blog!

      H E L E N

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