The Trick to Organising Activewear Drawers

I recently organised my activewear wardrobe as itΒ had got a bit out of hand after I took up tennis and started investing heavily inΒ tennisΒ fashion. I keep my activewear in aΒ chest of drawers which has large deep drawers and although I would try and separate the sports bras from the leggings, and the racerback tankΒ tops from the hoodies, it would inevitably all jumble up into a pile of mess after I rummaged through it for the nth time, late for tennis training, looking for a particular top to wear with my tennis skirt.


IΒ think IΒ give the impression of being a tidy person, asΒ I like to have clutter-free surfaces, with everything stored away in folders, boxes, and drawers. ButΒ I can never quite forgetΒ the factΒ that inside thoseΒ receptaclesΒ there are clothes I will never wear again, receipts that should have been thrown away, mementoes that I will never look at again, and a number of other articles that are really just unnecessaryΒ clutter. Sometimes I worry that someone else will have to deal with my secretΒ messy lifeΒ when I’m no longer around, and so periodically I will try and tidy up. ForΒ my activewear drawer, this would usually mean emptying it out, bagging up clothes that could beΒ given to charity, and putting things back in piles. I have come to realise, however, that the pile system doesn’t workΒ and so I decided to look for a better solution, which I came upon on a recent trip to Ikea.

I discovered these HΓΆfta dividersΒ that can be cut to any size and used to separate the drawers into compartments. I had originally thought I would use boxes, butΒ none of the boxes available were quite the right size and would have meant wasted drawer space. Instead these dividersΒ are easy to cut to the right length, and can be fit together to createΒ as many internal compartments as needed.


So last weekend I emptied everything on to my bed, fit the dividers into the drawers and created separate compartments for my leggings, tank tops, hoodies, sports bras, bikinis, sun visors, tennis skirts, and shorts. It got a bit ugly at one point, but I knew I had to finish the job if I wanted to go to bed…


After filling two bin bags of clothes to be recycled, rediscovering a number of items of clothing that I had forgotten I had, and putting things back in the drawers, I was very happy with the result. I think I probably created larger compartments than the dividers were designed for, and so I ended up with rather wobbly little fences, but I am pleasedΒ to report that after a week ofΒ use I still have tidy drawers, and some space for that cute cropped hoodie I saw online the other day…







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I'm Helen (a.k.a. 40ish_love), and I have recently developed a passion for tennis and its fashion. Follow me on my journey to becoming a stylish tennis player, and hopefully you will also be motivated to don a tennis skirt and pick up a racket!

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