Christmas Gift Ideas for Tennis Lovers

I am a bit rubbish at buying Christmas presents. I have given up trying to think of imaginative presents for my mum, 3 brothers and their other halves, 6 nephews/nieces, my partner and his 2 kids…and so most of them get a bottle of Italian wine (not the kids), some handmade pasta or an Amazon gift voucher.

However, I do like to try and treat my partner with a special present to thank him for putting up with me all year. Now that we are both tennis lovers, I have been thinking about the best tennis-related gifts that I could get him (hoping he won’t read this), that he could get me (hmmm, actually hoping he will read this!), and how I could instead treat us both this Christmas.

For him

1. TopspinPro. We mayย already have one of these, but this is something that I would have boughtย my partnerย in the past for Christmas, had I known about it. You can pick up one from my affiliate link.

2. Eprius London weekend bag. Like me, my partner dislikes those enormous branded tennis bags in garish colours, and so I think he would really appreciate this large stylish bag to take to tournaments.

3. Under Armour Wristbands. I love the length of these wristbands, and they look so good on Andy Murray…

4. TheraBand FlexBar. In myย recent post onย the steps to a more powerful tennis serveย I mention theย importance of pronatingย the arm. These flexible bars are great for strengthening the forearm, and are apparently also useful for treating tennis elbow.

For her (i.e. me!)

5. Idawen Bocce Lubn tennis bag.ย Yes, I know I already have two tennis bags, but as I keep trying to explain to my other half, you can never have too many (tennis) bags! Idawen are having a 20% off Black Friday sale, but if you miss this don’t worry as I have two more 20% discount vouchers that I will be giving away on Instagram in December/January.

6. Tory Sport Performance Visor. I think white visors are so classy, and so necessary to protect your face from the sun.

7. Monreal London Signature Drawstring Dress. Another tennis dress that can easily take you from the court to cocktails!

8. Emily Austin String Blings. I discovered these racket vibration dampeners made with Swarovski crystals on Women’s Tennis Blog, and was immediately enchanted.

For both of you

I would also love to treat both of usย to a week in anย adult tennis campย forย the New Year,ย in a place that would allow us toย get away from the foggy, coldย climate of northern Italy. If you would like to do the same, take a look at these organisationsย that can set upย tennis holidays for you:

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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I'm Helen (a.k.a. 40ish_love), and I have recently developed a passion for tennis and its fashion. Follow me on my journey to becoming a stylish tennis player, and hopefully you will also be motivated to don a tennis skirt and pick up a racket!

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