My Top 4 Tennis Instagram Profiles

I spend quite a lot of time on Instagram. Too much time according to my partner, but then I do sometimes impress him with my knowledge of what is going on in the world of tennis, and that is all thanks to the numerous tennis-related profiles that I follow. So I thought I would put together a list of my favourite ones to share with you. Some inspire me to play better, others showย me professional-level technique and footwork, whilst some just make me laugh out loud! Here they are, in no particular order..

1.ย functionaltennis

The Functional Tennis Player sharesย inspirational videos from a number of tennis players around the world, most of which are close-up and focusย on forehand and backhand technique,ย footwork and reaction drills, and service videos.ย Here is a recent video of forehand training byย professional player Quirine Lemoine:


2. outsidetheball

Outside The Ballย presents tennis outside the box, with a light-hearted and fresh perspective of your favourite tennis players. Two regular postsย I like are #TennisTuesday, which features video interviews with players and #FanFriday with the top 10 professional tennis player moments from the week. And although I don’t really get it, I still want one of theirย Chuck the Duck mascots!


3. tennischaser

Tennis Chaser is a magazine-style profile that has competitions, quizzes, giveaways, and most importantly funny posts with disastrous moments from tennis, asking you to tag a friend that would do the sameย (see example in video below). I actually won a t-shirt in a competitionย they ran with Freshdeuce, so I have even more reason to like them!



This Instagram profile finds and shares some of the most amazing tennis photos on the web, from tennis courts set in beautiful locations, to interesting usesย ofย tennis balls, or even underwater tennis. This profile has a little bit of anything and everything related to tennis.

Do you have any tennis-focused Instagram profiles to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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I'm Helen (a.k.a. 40ish_love), and I have recently developed a passion for tennis and its fashion. Follow me on my journey to becoming a stylish tennis player, and hopefully you will also be motivated to don a tennis skirt and pick up a racket!

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