How to Look Preppy on the Tennis Court

How to Look Preppy on the Tennis Court

For Black Friday I decided to buy myself some tennis apparel that I wouldn’t normally have chosen as it didn’t include a tennis skirt or dress. The reason was mainly because I wanted to start getting used to wearing clothing that covers more of my skin when playing tennis (given my concerns about exposure to the sun, as I also wrote about in my guest blog post for Women’s Tennis Blog).

In the end I selected the outfit in the photo above from Naffta, which is a Spanish tennis and Padel clothing company that one of my Instagram followers recommended to me. I have now played tennis a number of times whilst wearing the outfit (see video below) and I have been pleased to discover it doesn’t make me feel too hot, even inside an indoor heated tennis court. The leggings are also able to hold a couple of balls on each side, which is very handy but does perhaps lead to a rather lumpy silhouette!

What I really like about the outfit is the ‘preppy’ look of the white v-neck top, with navy blue and dark red stripes. Now, I might not be particularly knowledgeable when it comes to preppy fashion, but I do know the main features you need to incorporate to get the look, which are:

  • pleated skirts, polo dresses, tops with collars, v-neck tops (preferably with a stripe)
  • colours that are predominantly white or cream with stripes/blocks of navy, burgundy, dark green, and brown
  • a wooden racket (optional for playing with, but makes great photos for Instagram or Pinterest!)

How to Look Preppy

Here are three brands that can help you perfect that preppy look on the tennis court:

1. Tory Sport

Tennis. Shop by Sport.:

2. L’Etoile Sport

L'Etoile Sport tennis outfits

3. Lacoste




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