Run Alone, Work Out Together

Run Alone, Work Out Together

I have come to realise that for the sake of maintaining peace in my relationship, I need to run by myself. My partner has been so supportive since I have started getting fit, and at the beginning I would ask him to come running with me. However, I could never quite cope with his words of encouragement, with the suggestion that I was perhaps slowing down a little and should pick up the pace, when in fact I felt that I was already giving everything I had. I thought I was pushing myself more than enough when running, but it turned out that according to his standards I really wasn’t! On more than one occasion we would finish the last couple of kilometres in a moody silence, each vowing never to go running with the other again.

But I am happy to say that we feel the complete opposite about working out together. We do lots of training sessions to stay fit for tennis, to improve our core, arm and leg muscles, as well as our explosiveness and footwork on the tennis court. I find it reassuring that he is there by my side, going through the same pain and difficulties (though admittedly to a much lesser extent than me!). We concentrate too much on the task at hand to talk, and I like the companionable silence (interrupted only by the odd grunt or shout of suffering on both sides).

β€’ 2017 Fitness Goals β€’ After overindulging πŸ•πŸ§πŸ·πŸΎπŸͺ🍝 in the whole lead up to Christmas, and all the travel to see family in UK and last-minute work trips, my partner and I hadn't worked out together for some time. So we decided to get back to it on Boxing Day. This is the first time I have videoed our workouts and I'm a bit disappointed by my tiny jump 😊 it felt so much harder than it looks! Now, this was taken during the third round of a set of 6 exercises, but I still know I can do better and I want to improve that jump, so that's one of my fitness goals for 2017. What are your fitness goals for 2017? #fitness #tennisfitness #tennistraining #tennisgirl #tennisplayer #fitnessmotivation #trx #medicineball #jumpsquats #2017fitnessgoals #fitnessgoals #fitnessgoals2017 #circuittraining #hiit #workouttogether #workout #traintogether

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β€’ Jumping into 2017 🐸 β€’ Here is another clip from our Boxing Day training. Again, this was the very end of the third set of exercises, but I'm not trying to make excuses, and of course I wouldn't blame the fact my partner knocked down one of the little hurdles as the reason for me slowing down, of course not!.. And I would never complain that his legs are longer than mine, so it is easier for him to jump laterally to the hurdle – wouldn't even cross my mind! 😊 #fitness #tennisfitness #tennistraining #tennisgirl #tennisplayer #fitnessmotivation #jump #2017fitnessgoals #fitnessgoals2017 #littlehurdles #jumping #tennisaddict #hiit #workout #traintogether #circuittraining #personaltrainer

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I’m happy to run by myself, as I have finally started to take it easy and enjoy it much more, and it gives me time to think about life, work, blogging, tennis..and I have even managed to write a blog post in my head whilst pounding the pavement. And as we move into 2017 we will continue to work out and train tennis, which will allows us to spend quality time together whilst we encourage each other on our journey to getting fitter and playing better tennis. Hoorah!



  1. December 29, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    I love this topic. When I run with my husband, he likes to run in the same pattern/direction, whereas I like to mix it up, so my brain will be constantly surprised. So we have our different methods, and I usually get grumpy as a result. He also likes to have the Couch to 5K prompts turned up really loud, but I don’t like to know how many minutes/seconds are left. Total opposites. We have tennis and long walks as alternatives!

    • December 29, 2016 / 9:40 pm

      So we’re not the only couple like this! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your story! It is good that you still have other activities (including tennis!) to do together. I think keeping fit as a couple leads to both a healthier lifestyle and relationship.

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