A Trip To The Court With Our TopspinPro

A Trip To The Court With Our TopspinPro

A couple of months ago I posted a boomerang video on Instagram of me playing with my TopspinPro (that was acquired by my partner with the official reason being to teaching his son a good top spin technique, but the real reason being that he – and I – have a serious addiction to buying tennis goodies online!). After posting the video, Phillip Hofmeyr (the designer of the TopspinPro) asked if I would like to publish an affiliate link on my blog (which means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission). I said I was very happy to do so, because I really do feel that the TopspinPro is a great product and I was planning to post about it on my blog anyway. So if after reading this post you are interested in purchasing one, you can find out more via my affiliate link: https://topspinpro.com/ref/40ish_love/.

Let me tell you a bit more about the TopspinPro and the fun we have had practicing with it. The TopspinPro is a gadget that teaches you to hit a ball with a ‘wind-shield’ wiper action. You need to hold the racket with a semi-western grip and hit the ball with the racket at the right angle such that it will spin, but the racket doesn’t touch the mesh screen – as shown in the video below:

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• Indoor Tennis Training • The tennis court we usually go to on a Sunday is being refurbished, but it turned out to be a good excuse for me to dress up in my @sweatybetty tennis dress and practice indoors with our new @topspinpro 🎾👗🙌🏼 There are some great videos online with footwork drills you can do with the TopSpinPro, and I hope to try them out in the future and post about them on my blog. In the meantime, I have been researching adult tennis training camps for my blog – check out my latest post (link in bio) on a unique tennis academy in Spain -@equeliteferrero – that uses the @playsight system. #tennis #tennistraining #tennispractice #tennisplayer #tennispassion #tenniscamp #topspinpro #boomerang #tennislesson #tennisgirl #tennislife #tennislove #lovetennis #tennisdress #instatennis #tennismotivation #tennisaddict #blogger #blogpost

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Although you certainly can (and should) use it at home like I did to practice the right grip and angle with which to hit a top spin heavy forehand or backhand, it is also a great gadget to take onto the tennis court with you, and to incorporate into some footwork exercises. We discovered some really useful YouTube videos made by Clay Ballard of TopSpeedTennis.com that use the TopSpinPro and so after watching a couple of them, we decided to take our TopSpinPro with us to the tennis court and see how my partner’s son would get on with using the gadget.

First we started off with some static exercises – a simple split step followed by a step forward to hit the ball (as shown in the top photo of this post). We focused on making sure we were at the right distance, with the ball in front of us at the point of contact. We then added in footwork, using a small cone as a marker and to force us to move in a circular fashion when returning to the base line and then moving back to hit the ball. Finally, we removed the TopSpinPro and tried to repeat all the same movements during a normal forehand shot.



We had lots of fun and it definitely helped my partner’s son with his forehand technique. We plan to take it with us every time we train from now on. I think that it is also a good gadget to use during the warm up, and would work really well if you arrive early to the court and want to spend a bit more time warming up before your opponent arrives.

I have lots of video material from our training today, and so I think I’ll soon put together a YouTube video of our drills for my new channel. So if you are interested in such a video, subscribe to my channel so you’ll get a notification when it is uploaded!

UPDATE! I finally got round to making that YouTube video which you can view here.


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