Setting Up a YouTube Channel

Setting Up a YouTube Channel

Last week I set up a YouTube channel and started posting videos. I wanted to have a place where I could share some of my longer footage from my training sessions, and provide more background context to the videos. I like posting videos on Instagram, but they are limited in length and I think some people that watch them (and who don’t follow me) don’t realise that I am only just learning to play tennis.

I had no idea where to start with editing, but I knew it couldn’t be too difficult given how many bloggers are posting good quality videos on YouTube. I have tried using iMovie a few times in the past, but had never quite understood the workflow, but thanks to a couple of ‘How To’ YouTube videos, I soon realised it was actually really easy to do a half-decent video. I started with a fairly simple video, which just required me to clip some longer footage to remove dead time, and add some music on top. I also added some transitions between the clips to make them run more smoothly together, and a title page at the beginning and end. I took the music from the YouTube audio library which includes lots of open music that can either be used freely or requires attribution according to a Creative Commons license.

In my second video I stepped way out of my comfort zone and decided to talk to the camera for the first time. I don’t even talk to the camera on Instagram Stories and they only last 24 hours! I must admit that I wasn’t super pleased with the outcome, but I think most people find it difficult to see or hear themselves speaking. I decided that I didn’t have the time or patience to repeat the recording until I was happy with it, and I just decided to put it out there. I am sure I will improve with time and I look forward to seeing that progression play out.

Today I posted a new video which focuses on my recent training for my first tournament match that I played yesterday. I was planning on showing a lot more of the match itself, but I didn’t have much footage in the end and what I did have wasn’t very good. Or perhaps I just didn’t think my tennis playing was good enough! I did lose the match after all 🙂 Just kidding, I was actually happy with how I played once I had got over the initial stage fright.

I hope you subscribe to my channel and let me know through the like/dislike button and comments whether you enjoy my videos. There are so many inspirational posts and videos on social media that show how good your abs could look, how flexible you could be, how often you could work out, how fast you could run, and how strong you could become. I love following these types of posts, but I want to achieve something slightly different with my social media posts, which is to show the journey. I am not (yet!) a great tennis player, and I am not super fit, strong, or flexible, but I plan to share with you my progress, dedication, and motivation to do better.


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