Tennis Fight Club: A Social Network for Competitive Recreational Tennis Players

Tennis is special. Can you think of any other sport that is played from infancy to retirement (and beyond)? It is fun, keeps you fit and agile, and can even be used as a concentration exercise to train and focus the mind. I took up tennis for the first time 3 months ago, at the age of 38, without having really played any sports at all since my school days. Nevertheless, it soon became clear to me that with motivation, determination, patience and practice, I would be able to slowly improve my technique, whilst at the same doing some cardio and having fun. Now that I am working my way up the tennis learning curve, I have started to think about the matches and tournaments that I might one day play in the amateur tennis circuit (officially termed TPRA, a.k.a. Tennis Fight Club) in Italy, where I live.
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5 Unique Tennis Brands I Discovered on Instagram

The US Open 2016 has further confirmed that tennis is “having a fashion moment“. If you didn’t catch much of the tennis this summer, then take a look at Tennis Identity‘s blog post about the best of women’s tennis fashion at this year’s US Open. Despite the many great tennis outfits on show, in my opinion we saw way too many tennis players wearing Nike’s neon yellow offerings, and it must be pretty distracting to turn up to your match to find your opponent wearing exactly the same outfit (right down to the visor and sweat bands). In fact, once I had convinced myself that I could dress like a professional when playing tennis (see this blog post), I knew that at the same time I didn’t want to look exactly like the professionals. I wanted to wear tennis outfits that were unique, feminine and fashionable. And this is exactly what I found whilst browsing Instagram. Here are my top 5 unique tennis brands, all discovered on Instagram, that offer the best designs in female tennis attire.
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Overgrip for Undergrip

The first time I threw my racket across the court whilst trying to hit a forehand I thought it was a one-off. I thought it was just the hot weather, my sweaty palms, an old overgrip that needed replacing. I laughed it off and waited for the people around me to do the same, but I was instead met with an embarrassed silence. I hurriedly picked up my racket and carried on training, trying my best to keep control of the racket for the rest of the hour.
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From Shorts to Tennis Skirts

When I first started playing tennis, I promised myself that I would only wear a proper tennis outfit once I was good enough to play matches and win. Ruka (my partner in life and tennis) will confirm that I was strictly a leggings and shorts girl, and I swore not to wear a tennis skirt until I had “earned the right” to wear one.

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