My Body Needs Exercise!

On Monday I finished a few weeks of intensive travel and my body was broken. My back was stiff, I couldn’t lean over and touch my toes, and I felt sluggish and pretty damn tired. Over those 2-3 weeks I had managed just one (slow) run and a few half-baked attempts at yoga/Pilates. And as I had predicted would happen at the beginning of this year, my work has started to take over and I haven’t been writing on this blog or posting much on Instagram, and I can’t even imagine putting together a video for YouTube!

I am back home for a week before my holiday to Sagres and I have been using it to get my body moving again. I have had 4 hours of tennis training and 2 hours of Pilates and I feel amazing! My body hurts, but in a good way. It has made me realise how important it is for me to be consistent with exercise: my body needs exercise! To think I spent years and years ignoring my body, and now after just 2 weeks I start to really miss the benefits of working out.

Whilst I am pleased that I managed to fit in tennis and Pilates despite all the work I am trying to complete before my holiday, I am still struggling to find the time for all my blogging hobbies. Hence I decided to write this short post, both to take a break from writing about seismic risk (that’s my job btw!) and because I was worried that the more I abandoned this blog, the more difficult it would become to get back into writing for it again. So this post is more for me than you, but I realise that’s probably the case with the majority of my posts! 😉