My 5 Favourite Australian Open 2018 Outfits

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t actually watched much of the Australian Open this year. It is partly the timing, as I have been busy in the mornings with meetings, dentists appointments and trying to actually do some work, but it is probably because I am not obsessed enough to make the time. My partner is though, and so we have had the telly turned on to the tennis almost all the time, and from watching Game, Schett and Mats and the odd 10 minutes of a match here and there, I have managed to pick up on an important issue, the one that has brought you to this blog post – tennis fashion!

My top 5 Australian Open 2018 outfits are shown in action in the photos below, and I have put together a ‘shop the look’ for each post, thanks to my collaboration with Tennis Warehouse Europe. Let me know which look you like best. And don’t forget, if you want to pick up any of these looks you can get a 10% discount with my VIP code 40ISHLOV10!

1. adidas Women’s Melbourne Jumpsuit

Playing tennis in a jumpsuit – what a genius idea! And it can double-up as beachwear.

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2. Nike Women’s Spring Maria Dress

This dress is so stylish, just like Maria. It could be a bit short, or maybe it is just that Maria’s legs are so long.

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3. adidas Women’s Spring Stella McCartney Tank and Skirt

It’s all in those details: the zips, the cut-out holes, the mesh…

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4. Nike Women’s Spring Zonal Top and Ace Short

Soft colours, contrasted with black, with a nice loose fit.

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5. Lotto Women’s Spring Nixia Dress

I do like to see matching shoes and outfit  – and what a perfect colour for spring.

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Tennis Kicks Picks For Men

I believe men are as interested in tennis fashion as women, they just aren’t so likely to admit it (my partner being one of them!). The majority of my blog posts so far have been focused towards women like myself, who are interested in getting fit, playing tennis and looking good in the process. But I have quite a few male tennis players following me on Instagram and so I thought I would write a few fashion articles for them, whether they think they are interested or not! I have decided to start with a piece of tennis apparel that all male tennis players will undoubtedly agree they need: tennis shoes (or ‘kicks’ if we want to get stylish about it).

There is no disputing the importance of a good pair of tennis shoes that allow you to do fast footwork on the tennis court whilst avoiding injuries at the same time, but function and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As I have no personal experience with men’s tennis shoes, the following picks have been put together thanks to positive feedback on their performance from my partner and one of my followers on Instagram (catching_details). Thanks guys! I have just selected the colours that I think look the best.

1. NikeCourt Zoom Cage 2

2. Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Court

3. NikeCourt Lunar Ballistic 1.5 Legend

4. Ascis Gel Resolution 6

Have you ever tried out these shoes on the tennis court? If so, let us know how you thought they performed, or recommend another pair of tennis kicks (for men or women!), in the comments below.