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I live a fairly simple, quiet life in a small town in Italy, but thanks to social media I am beginning to develop a network of tennis-playing friends from all over the world. I am so pleased to receive comments, feedback, words of encouragement, and constructive criticism on my blog, YouTube and Instagram tennis photos and videos, and I am touched when someone takes the time to reach out to me via email. Recently, the Tennis Director at Costa del Tennis, Rhonda, sent me a lovely message to say ‘hola’ and chat about our shared interest in contributing to the tennis community. This message reminded me how much I would like to go to another adult tennis camp, but unfortunately this is unlikely to happen any time soon as I already have plans to attend the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, the Queen’s Aegon Championships, a 3 day tennis camp/tournament in Pescara, the Motor GP in Assen, and if you add to that my trip home for Easter, a one-week holiday in the Algarve and at least 5 work trips (all before early July) it doesn’t leave much time! Luckily Costa del Tennis adult tennis camps run all the way into the autumn/early winter, so I will hopefully manage to organise one of their holidays before the end of the year.

Even though I can’t give you a personal review of their adult tennis camps (yet!), I still wanted to write a post about Costa del Tennis on my blog, as I heard from Rhonda that they have an exciting holiday coming up that involves the Barcelona Open, and I wanted to share the details with you (through her own words). More adult tennis camp reviews can be found here.

Q1) Who is Costa del Tennis?

Costa del Tennis is a travel company specialized in offering warm & friendly tennis destinations year-round.  We connect players from around the world because tennis is an international sport and bringing all the different cultures together keeps it interesting and allows people to connect paths well beyond the tennis court.

Costa del Tennis

Costa del Tennis is co-owned by Rhonda Costa, Tennis Director and Jana Rebelo, General Manager.

Also we work with a handful of outstanding tennis pros in Barcelona who happen to be great humans,serious players and engaging teachers. We work with the same values and methods of teaching so everyone is on the same page. I appreciate them very much and so do our guests.

Q2) What can recreational players expect to achieve from a week long camp/holiday?

Costa del Tennis

Great Question!  Truthfully, although we’re a holiday company people know us for tennis and not so much the cocktails that happen afterwards.  We socialize with players but most visitors don’t make the party the center of the week.

The only part of my life that I’m Type A is on the tennis court. So I work players to a point that I know I can get their best even if they think they can’t.  I’d like players to make consistency a primary focus – instead of hitting the ball 100 miles per hour.

It’s also important for players to leave understanding back at home how to coach their way out of tough situations on court. When they truly understand their mistakes because of our work on court, they’re able to self coach much more on their own.

Ultimately, players seem to appreciate the daily matchplay. We focus on getting them to swing freely through their nerves during points so they can play the way they train.

Besides the tennis they can expect a great destination with players from around the world, well located accommodations in order to experience the local culture and small groups on court.

Q3) Can you tell us more about the Barcelona Open Tennis Holiday?

The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell 2017 ATP 500 Masters tournament is a pretty fantastic week both socially and on court for our players.

We play tennis at a local club just outside of Barcelona and visit the tourney together.

Costa del Tennis provides the tickets to our players free for Tuesday’s day & evening sessions.

The “Real Club de tenis de Barcelona” is one of the most beautiful clubs I’ve ever visited and is located in the heart of Barcelona.  Not sure how but it manages to feel so relaxed and easy for such a high profile club.

The locals come out BigTime for hometown players and celebrity sightings! So it’s a very social event.

All the top Spanish players take part in the Barcelona Open which means you get up close and personal to Rafa & Feliciano Lopez.  The court seating is super intimate so it’s impossible to be in nosebleed seating.

International players also love to participate in this tournament and this year’s event brings many surprise players like; Dominic Theim, David Goffin, Richard Gasquet and Kyle Edmund from the UK.

One of my favorite things is connecting people!  So many times, I get on the phone personally to invite players because after knowing them well, I might see potential personalities branch off into future business or travel adventures.  Who knows, but the sky’s the limit on a tennis holiday 😉

If you are interesting in booking a spot on the Barcelona Open Tennis Holiday, or any of the other upcoming camps in Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Malaga, then just drop a line to