Are You Training in the Right Shoes?

When I first started running, I bought at least four different pairs of running shoes. I got a pair of Under Amour running shoes in orange and another pair in pink/purple (so I could change as a function of what I was wearing, naturally!) and I treated myself to a pair of black Nike Free RN Flyknits on a trip to Nike Town in London, and I got some grey/black UltraBOOST adidas trainers (though I will admit I use them more as lifestyle trainers nowadays). Likewise, when I started learning to play tennis, I also invested in a few pairs of tennis shoes as I knew I couldn’t play tennis in running shoes. They just don’t have the necessary lateral support. But for some reason, I have spent the past couple of years doing HIIT workouts in the wrong trainers. When I would train weekly with a personal trainer (you can see one of my workouts on my YouTube videos here), I often wore my running shoes. I didn’t injure myself, but I certainly could have, and I do now wonder if my progress was in any way impeded by not training in the right shoes.

I stopped doing those workouts about 6 months ago, and I enjoyed the break as I had never really enjoyed them. I mean, does anyone really enjoy burpees, jump squats, scissor jumps and push ups?! However, during that time I worried I would be more likely to get injured when playing tennis if I wasn’t training my muscles (as they say, you should train to do a sport, no do a sport to train!), so one of my resolutions this year has been to do more workouts at home.  On the 1st January I downloaded the Sweat app so I could do the famous BBG workouts by Kayla Itsines. The BBG workouts are full of plyometric moves, and whilst I really do NOT enjoy jumping I know they are great for tennis players, as we need that explosive power on the court. They also include a number of weight-lifting exercises with dumbbells and medicine balls. During the first week I really struggled with some of the exercises, such as walking lunges, and I really felt my feet were unstable. I assumed this was just due to a lack of muscles, and I was sure it would get better with time. However, by the third week it suddenly occurred to me that the reason I might be so wobbly could also have something to do with my shoes. So I do some research and picked up these asics Gel-Fit Yui shoes, and during my first legs workout, I finally felt that my shoes were supporting me through the workout! I can’t believe it took me so long to realise that I would need specific shoes to train in, just as I need the right shoes for running and tennis…

Are you training in the right shoes? If not, check out some of my favourites styles for training, running and tennis below and make sure you are matching your shoes to your workout (as well as your outfit!).

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