Winter Fashion Wishlist

Below I have selected a few of my favourites that make up my Winter Tennis Fashion wishlist. The look is monochrome, but I would add a pop of colour with bright tennis shoes, a bright coloured skirt or tank top (as seen here).

Lightweight jackets

monreal-london-white-featherweight-jacket-product-1-937878596-normal                                nikecourt_dry_top.png

Skeggings/skapris (i.e. skirt and leggings) and pocket capris

Nike_Skapris.png                 yaffa_capris.jpg

Short-sleeved tops

1216104whiteblack          1214202whitec   1214202whitec.jpg

Long-sleeved tops

0033140_saffron-black-long-sleeve-top_275                                      0033483_zane-top-white_275